Can’t get your online program launched? Try this instead.

Can’t get your online program launched? Try this instead.

Want to know the easiest and fastest way to get your online program into the marketplace and further validate your idea at the same time?

Launching via live workshops.

Yes. It is really that simple.

#truthtime. I spent a year working on a course that I ditched and never launched.

After this disaster, I took a step back, stop listening to the WRONG people, and threw out everything I had been TOLD to do.

I went back to my product development days as a marketing director and redesigned my course creation and launch process.

Process is designed to keep course creators from becoming stuck.

This process is designed to keep course creators from becoming stuck. You know>>when you’re stuck in analysis paralysis? It keeps you moving forward so you don’t take months or even years to launch their online program.

Let me walk you through my framework:

Step 1: Attract

In this stage, you are defining who you want to attract into your online program. It’s critical to understand their migraine. As I always say, people can live with a headache, but will pay good money to get rid of a migraine!

Step 2: Create

Step 2 is all about creation. In this step, you put together a rough outline of your program and define the process by which you will solve their migraine. This includes defining your transformation process. For example, how you will get your customer from Point A (their undesired state) to Point B (their desired state).

This is where my process is different from most course creation program. I believe in co-creating your online program with a few of your ideal customers.

What are the benefits?

It gives the Course Creator time to develop all their content. So many course creators get stuck at this part of the process and never get their course launched. I don’t want THIS to happen to you!

It provides a feedback loop so you can make changes where needed. It also gives you the opportunity to collect testimonials  for your online program. What a bonus!

The easiest and fastest way to co-create your online program is through live workshops. Each week, you create your slides and workbooks, guides, etc. and deliver it through a webinar system like Zoom. At the end of your co-creation process with your ideal customers, here’s what you’ll have: your online program content, any supplemental material you have created like workbooks, feedback (so you can make any changes, if needed) and, most importantly, testimonials!

Step 3: Serve

This is your key differentiator: how you will serve your clients. Worried about people “stealing” you online content? When you infuse your talent and expertise into your online program, you make it impossible for people to copy.

In this step you are also defining your pricing strategy. When you include more of YOU in your program, you need to charge appropriately. After all, your time is valuable.

Also, keep in mind that higher priced solutions attract more serious students; ones that are willing to work to get results.

From a marketing perspective, it can cost as much to sell a lower priced product as a higher priced one. Also consider, that a lower priced online program does not mean more revenue or profits; in fact, the opposite is true. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth!

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth!

Step 4: Market

Creating your course is only half the battle. Did you know that most online programs fail, not because of the quality of the content you created, but because of the your marketing strategy?

Many course creators think, once I announce my new rocking online program to the world, the sales will start rolling in. Not so fast my friend. Even for the most experienced marketers, it may take some time to get consistent revenue from your online course.

The end goal is an automated, evergreen sales funnel. This allows you to spend more time doing what you love and are good at, serving your clients.

But how do you get there? You need to create a sales funnel that converts. One that consistently brings in revenue and doesn’t burn out your email list subscribers.

An automated sales funnel that converts gets you off the launch roller coaster and lets your marketing systems work for you. Can I get an amen?!