Turn Your Social Media Content into a Book

Turn Your Social Media Content into a Book

Interested in writing a book to build your expertise in your market, but short on time? In this podcast episode, Emily Tamayo Maher, an author coach, talks with us about how to easily turn our social media content into a book.

We cover: 

  • Why Instagram and Facebook particularly good platforms for authors

  • Tips for creating content you can use for a book, including time saving tips

  • The best way to fit a story into the caption of a post 

  • How busy business owners find the time to develop material (hint: it's more simple than you think)

More about our guest: 

Emily Tamayo Maher is an author coach and mentor who helps entrepreneurs find their voice, publish their books, and make the difference they're meant to make. A client once called her, "A therapist for the imagination." Her mission is to help aspiring writers turn their stories into a manuscript that captures the significance of those dreams. She's an award-winning writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and lives in Bogotá with her husband, Mauricio, and son, Martin.