5 Email Marketing 'Rules' to Experiment Breaking

5 Email Marketing 'Rules' to Experiment Breaking

You've been told to do this (or that) and it will be the magic bullet you've been looking for. The reality is marketing is all about testing what works best for your business and audience.

In this episode, I chat with Elizabeth Goddard. Elizabeth is an online business strategist/coach and was personally invited to become one of the first four ConvertKit Certified Experts. When she’s not supporting online business owners to dream bigger, reconnect with their message and implement faster, you can probably find her watching trashy TV and answering ConvertKit questions on Facebook.

Join us as we explore five email marketing rules to consider breaking (and testing because that's what's marketing is all about!) to grow your online course business.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Should you really have only one call to action in your email?

  • Emails should be super duper plan text, minimal links and no social media links. Yes or no?

  • You must email your list every.single.week. Or should you?

  • Segmentation and how it really should be done in your email marketing system and what's a custom unsubscribe link.

  • You need to give free value, for weeks and week, and only then can you sell. Or should you try subtle selling immediately?

  • Why we love, love tripwires.

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