The Secret to Profiting with a Small Email List

The Secret to Profiting with a Small Email List

Did you know that sending out broadcast emails to your entire email list is actually hurting your conversion rates?

But there are strategies you can do with email marketing that make your email subscribers love you, open your emails, and click on the call to action (e.g. buy when the time is right).

In this episode, I’m joined by Rob and Kennedy who are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it's hard to believe they're serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses with riotous email marketing.

Listen to The Course Creator’s MBA Podcast, The Secret to Profiting with a Small Email List, and learn:

1.       Why size doesn’t matter and what you should focus on instead

2.       Your optimal list size and how to figure that out

3.       How to customize your email marketing through a choose your own adventure strategy

4.       Broadcast emails / send to all marketing is dead and what to do instead

5.       Hear about a case study of a course creator who is using the strategies we discussed today to segment and increase profit from her email list

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