7 Tasks a Course Creator Should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

7 Tasks a Course Creator Should Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

In this episode, I chat with Danielle Cuomo who is the founder of the firm Virtual Assist USA. Danielle has used her MBA background to have a different vision for the company and her large team. She saw the benefit to business owners for having instant access to 100s of different skill sets, instant productivity and cost-savings. Her firm is currently the largest US-based virtual assistant team in the United States.

Feeling overwhelmed? Tasks falling through the cracks? Know that you could really move your online course business forward IF you could focus on the $1,000/hr tasks versus the $20/hr tech and admin work?

Join us in this episode where Danielle and I discuss:

  • How do you know when you're ready to hire a VA?

  • Tasks a course creator should outsource to a VA. Hint: you may be surprised by some of these and relieved at the same time!

  • How you should hire a VA and what you should expect to pay for experienced VAs.

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How to find Danielle and her group of experienced VAs: https://www.virtualassistusa.com/

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