3 Mindset Shifts to Make Before Your Next Launch

3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Before Your Next Launch

In today’s podcast episode, I chat with Mai-kee Tsang. Mai-kee is a Launch Strategist, Copywriter, Podcast Host & Coach who helps purpose- driven entrepreneurs to build their authority in business so that they can thrive when they launch their signature courses.  As a Launch Strategist, she’s at the front lines during course launches from start to finish. And with 5 years of coaching under her belt, she’s able to dig deep to understand the true desires and fears of her clients’ customers in order to create empowering copy. 

Mai-kee shares her tips for mindset shifts to make before your next launch. Specifically, we discuss:

1. The biggest lessons Mai-kee learned from working with a client on 13 launches in ONE year!

2. The areas of a launch that most course creators are overlooking.

3.  The Courage-to-Convert relationship: the 5 levels of courage in entrepreneurship which impact our mindset, how we show up, and our bottom line.

4.  How we can brace our self for growth BEFORE we launch, to reduce our chances of self-sabotage.  

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To get your free mini-course with templates + videos, Course in a Box, go here: https://destinicopp.mykajabi.com/course-in-a-box

How to find Mai-kee:   https://maikeetsang.com/