How to Create a Template in Asana (For Your Blog Posts)

How to Create a Template in Asana for your Blog Posts

Want to save time and organize your tasks and projects? Well, yeah! Who doesn’t? Asana allows you to do this by creating and reusing templates. I have used templates for weekly content deliverables, marketing campaigns, new product development projects, and product launches.

Here are some tips to help you set up templates for your projects and recurring tasks.

Step 1: Name your Template

Tip: Use “Template” in the name of the Project Template.

Let’s say that you want to set up a project template for the process that you use to create and launch your weekly blog post. In Asana, you will click on the plus sign to create a new project.  


Next, input your project name. Start with “Template:” This will let you know this is a template that you will copy every time you want to use this project plan. For this demo, I will walk you through the process for launching a weekly blog post so I have named this template, “Template: Launch Weekly Blog Post.” Select “Create Project.”


Tip: I like to click on the star next to the name of my project. This places the template under my Favorites for easy access!


Step 2. Outline your Tasks in Asana

In this step you will outline your tasks and put them on paper. In this step, it’s important to put all tasks in sections.

For example, if you break everything out by days of the week and accomplish tasks on those days, then you can use the days of the week as your sections and put tasks for each day underneath the day of the week. Your business may do things differently and it’s important to outline the project plan in a way that makes sense for you.

Below are two examples of ways to approach a weekly blog post project plan.

Example 1:


Example 2:


Step 3: Outline Any Instructions in the Description for the Task

To clarify for anyone using the project plan, and to standardize your processes, outline any specific task instructions in the description for the task. In the example below, you can see there are instructions to use the “Blog Post Template in Canva” to Create Blog Post Graphic.


Step 4: Input any Sub-Tasks

You may have sub-tasks for some of your tasks. An example, on the task “Write Blog Article” you have may one person write the article and another individual proof read it for spelling and grammatical errors. You can input this as a sub-task or a separate task.


Step 5: Copy Your Project Template

Once you are ready to use your template, click on the down arrow next to your template name and select, Copy Project.


Rename your project and include the task description, assignee, sub-tasks, attachments, tags, task followers, project members, and other projects.  Now you have your new project plan and a template that you can use each week to organize your processes!


Any additional tips or suggestions for using Asana? What's your project plan software of choice?