How To Create a Digital Product Using Canva

How to Create a Digital Product Using Canva

Want to create a digital product? The good news is, it’s very easy to create a beautiful and functional digital product like a workbook or ebook in Canva. With a little planning, you can create a designer-like digital product in no time. In this demo, I will show you how to create a workbook in Canva that is editable and can be sold or given away for free as a lead magnet on your website. 

Step 1: Set up a basic account in Canva (it’s free!)

Go to and create your free account. 


Step 2: Go to create a design. 

Then under documents, select US letter which will put your workbook or cheatsheet in US letter size.


Step 3: Design your Cover Page

You have several options in Canva on how you want to design your cover page. One option is to search for one of their free photos and place it on your cover. In the example below, I have selected a bowl of grapefruit and adjusted the photo so it covers the entire page. 


Next, you may want to overlay a color to provide a nice look and feel for your title page. In this example, I selected a square and adjusted it so it covered the entire picture. 


So you can see the photo through the overlay below, I adjusted the transparency a bit. This will allow a nice background for your title page. 


To add your text, just add any heading text, subheading text or body text. Any of this text can be adjusted for your font branding and font size. 


Next, select add a new page to design the body of your workbook. 


Step 4: Design the Body of your Workbook 

To design the body of your workbook, select the text that you want to add. To create editable fields for your content upgrade, click on a square shape (any of them would work) and adjust them for the size you would like for your workbook. 


To duplicate this throughout your workbook, select the item you want to duplicate and click on copy. I did this three times in the example below for both the text and the boxes. 


Once you are done with your workbook in Canva, download it in pdf format. 


If you have any fields that you want to make editable, go to


Select Upload PDF to PDFescape.


Select Form Field, then under Type, select Text Paragraph. 


Highlight the area that you want to make editable. You will repeat this step for each area that you want to make editable in your workbook. 


Once you are done, click on save and download. 


Now you have a beautiful pdf content upgrade that is editable!