Grow your Email list with Facebook Ads (that pay for themselves)

Grow your Email list with Facebook Ads (that pay for themselves)

You know the drill. To sell your online course, you need to build your email list.

But what if you were able to add new subscribers to your email list every day without any money out of your pocket? And I’m not talking through organic social media because we all know that is a slooooow game.

You know you need to run Facebook or Instagram ads to make any traction in your business. The one or two subscribers you get from social media every day is not helping you make any progress toward to your revenue goals. And on top of that, when you send out your weekly newsletter broadcast, you get as many unsubscribes!

Let’s assume you have an online course launch scheduled in two months. You want to start actively growing your list, so you have warm prospects to market to. But the problem is budget. You don’t want to spend a ton of money list building and then have none left when it’s time to run the ads for your webinar or challenge.

The solution: Creating a sales funnel that pays for itself.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. You can set up something called a tripwire

  2. You can sell a low-cost digital product directly from an ad (Yes, this can be done!)

The best way for me to explain this is to show you two examples directly from my own business.

1.       The Tripwire Example

Your target audience sees your ad and clicks on the Learn More button.

Course in a Box Facebook Ad

You take them to the landing page for your free offer.

Course in a Box Sales Page

They sign up for the free offer and on the next page (which is often referred to as a Thank You page), they see this:

Course in a Box Tripwire Offer

At the top of the page, you have something that says. “WAIT! Before you go….”

There’s a limited time offer timer to create urgency. (I use a system called Deadline Funnels to create the offer deadline)

Once they’re on your email list, you tag them with the offer they opted into and/or purchased and start your email nurture sequence. The diagram looks like this:

Diagram of sales funnel with tripwire

2.       The Digital Product (directly from an ad) Example

Another option is to sell a digital product directly from an ad. They are added to your customer list (with their permission), and you will nurture them through your follow up emails which may include coaching them how to use the digital product they just bought.

Here’s what this looks like. Your target audience see your ad and clicks on the Learn More button or the link in your ad.

Ultimate Launch Bundle Facebook Ad

They are directed to the sales page for the digital product. This is a longer form sales page and there’s a limited time special offer.

Ultimate Launch Bundle Sales Page

Once they’ve purchased the low cost digital product, you add them to your email list (with their approval), tag them with the offer they purchased, and start your email nurture sequence. It looks like this:

Diagram for sales funnel with low cost digital product

I’ve tested both of the options above in my business and both of them converted very well. If your main goal is list building, I suggest leading with a free offer (you’ll get more sign ups), and then offer the tripwire.

Here’s what you need to grow your email list with Facebook Ads (that pay for themselves):

 1.       Landing page provider like Of course, you can also use your own website or a landing page builder from your online course platform like Kajabi.

2.       Your Facebook pixel set up and your event tracking. If you need help with this go here.

3.       Deadline Funnels to create urgency in your offer.

4.       A way to accept payment for your digital product (most course platforms have this integrated with their service). Sam Cart is another option.  

5.       An email service provider where you can create sequences and assign tags. My preferred email service provider is ConvertKit.

6.       Facebook ads account to set up your Facebook and Instagram ads.

7.       Your paid digital product

And that’s it! Want to grow your email list with Facebook ads that pay for themselves? Sure you do!

If you need help with your Facebook ads or sales funnels, but don’t want to pay exhorbiant prices for a Facebook ads consultant, I may have something that’s perfect for you! Click here to learn more.

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