How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert (using the dynamic creative feature)

Simplicity is the new Facebook ad. Yes, Facebook ads can be simple. Even if you’ve not had any experience running Facebook ads in the past, with a little help and guidance, you can create a Facebook ad campaign that converts.

Long gone are the days where Facebook ad campaigns are complicated; where you had to test various creative and ad copy in multiple campaigns and monitor on a daily basis to figure out what converts.

With Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ad feature, you can allow Facebook to do all the heavy lifting for you.

What is Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ad Tool?

 The Dynamic Creative tool allows Facebook to automatically figure out the best creative (images), ad copy (text), call to actions and headlines across the audiences you’re targeting. They will put together variations of each to figure out the combinations that are producing the best results for your ads.

Without the Dynamic Creative ad tool you have to create multiple variations of ad copy, creative, headlines and test them individually. This results in complicated ad campaigns and constant monitoring and tweaking.

With this feature, it’s much easier to set up your campaigns and allow Facebook to do all the work for you.

Specifically, here is what you can test:

  • 5 variations of primary text (ad copy)

  • 10 variations of creative (images, video)

  • 5 headlines

  • 5 descriptions

  • 5 call to actions

Dynamic Creative Options

When to Use the Dynamic Creative Feature

Dynamic creative ads can be used with Conversion, Traffic, Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness, and App Install campaigns. For an online course creator, if you’re list building, trying to get webinar or challenge registrations or retargeting visitors to your sales page, dynamic creative is a great tool for you to use.

How to Set Up a Dynamic Creative Ad for your Online Course Ad Campaign

 In your ads manager, select Create Campaign.

Create Campaign

Using the Quick Creation feature, name your campaign, select your campaign objective, click Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), input your daily budget and select Save to Draft.

Quick Creation Tool

 In the Ad Set, name your ad set (normally, I name the audience I’m targeting here), select your conversion event location. For instance, if you’re running ads to get people to sign up for a workshop, you will tell Facebook to track your workshop registrants.

 This is where you turn on the Dynamic Creative feature.

Ad set name

You’ll select the start date of your campaign and then move to create your audience. You can use a previously saved audience or create a new one.

TIP: I normally set up one audience first with all of my dynamic creative (ad copy, images, headlines, etc). Then, I will duplicate this audience several times based on the number of audiences I want to target and test in the campaign. Saves a ton of time!

budget and audience

Now, it’s time to set up your ad and the various creative to test. Name your ad and identify the Facebook page and Instagram account you want to use for the ad.

Setting up your dynamic creative ad

Next, you’ll want to add the images, videos or slideshows you want to test. For images which have text on them, I like to create them first in Canva and then upload into Facebook. You can test up to 10 images, slideshows, or videos. Feel free to mix them up and let Facebook figure out which one works best!

Tip: I like to use square images for my Facebook and Instagram ads. I tend to see better results for both newsfeed and story ads with square images.

Images and videos

Next, you will input the primary text which is simply the ad copy you want to test. Feel free to test long and short form ad copy here - you have five options that you can test.

Your headline is one of the most important areas of your ad. Make it clickable and test out at least five options. Your image or video will capture their attention, you headline will get them to click.

Your description won’t appear in all placements, but it’s like a hook. What’s one more thing you can say to get people to click?

Be sure to input your website URL. This is your landing page link or where you want people to go to sign up for your workshop, webinar or challenge.

You can test five different call to actions. I like learn more and sign up for most webinar registration ads.

Call to action

It’s important to note that all of the variations you create need to complement each other. Facebook will randomly choose which ad copy to place with an image, video, call to action and description. You don’t select which variations are displayed in an ad so make sure they all work together.

If you want to see your Facebook or Instagram ads before you launch the campaign, you can go to view more variations and see each of your dynamic ad creative looks in the various ad placements.

See your Facebook ads

Congrats! You’ve just set up your Dynamic Creative ad campaign!

Need help with your Facebook or Instagram ads? I offer a special package where you create the ads and I meet with you twice per month and we can chat about your campaign set up, audience targeting, and funnel stats. This is a great opportunity for you to have an expert to bounce ideas off of and get feedback on your online course sales funnel and ads to best optimize your ad spend. Interested? Set up your free consultation here!