How to Build your Website (in a Weekend)

How to Build Your Website in a Weekend

Think you can’t get your website up and running this weekend? Think again. Most  entrepreneurs try to do too much all at once. The key is to start with a simple site that covers the basics. This allows you to get your name out in the marketplace and start your email list so you can build the relationship and trust with your ideal customers. Most entrepreneurs say they wish they had started their email marketing campaigns much earlier in their start-up journey. This won’t be you.

Domain Name Registration

You need a domain name if you don’t already have one. Try either GoDaddy or Namecheap. If you don’t already have a name or need help in determining if your selected name is available, go to NameMesh.

Website Builder

To build your website, you need a website builder. You have several options here and all are good options.

Email Service Provider

The next tool you need for your website is an email service provider. Why? This will allow you to start your email list and build a relationship and trust with your ideal customer. An easy way to do this is through email. There are a lot of email service providers in the marketplace. I personally like MailChimp and have received very good feedback from peers regarding their service. It is free for the first 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. 


Content for your Landing Page Website

For your simple, get it up and running this weekend website, focus on a one page website that is responsive so it looks good on a phone, tablet or desktop. This is called a landing page or a cover page. Squarespace has several templates that may work for your business such as Five, Pacific, Bedford, Hayden, Bryant, Charlotte, and Fulton. Include your:

  1. Business name

  2. Your unique selling proposition (e.g. what’s in it for your ideal customer)

  3. Relevant photos

  4. A free giveaway (e.g. pdf checklist or cheatsheet) for your opt-in with a call to action.

Your unique selling proposition should outline what differentiates you from your competition and suggest why you are a better choice. In the example below, ConvertKit makes it clear that their target market is professional bloggers and that they exist to help creators earn a living.


On your landing page, offer a call to action such as “Get your free workbook......” This will allow you to start your email marketing campaign and nurture the relationship with your future customers. Once your future customer signs up for your email list, be sure to send them the promised free giveaway and have your email nurture campaign ready to go so you can start the relationship building process. A good rule of thumb is to contact your prospects every 1-2 weeks so you can stay top of mind. Free giveaways and value-added content will continue to build that trust and relationship which will hopefully will lead to future sales. 

Once you set up your one-page landing site, you will be far ahead of the game and well on your path of launching your business and building your customer base.