How to Add a Content Upgrade to your Blog (Using Squarespace & ConvertKit)

How to Add a Content Upgrade to Your Blog Using Squarespace and ConvertKit

Everyone needs an email list. Your fans on Facebook are not your email list. Neither are your followers on Twitter or Instagram. Your email list is the foundation of your business; you own it and you have control over it unlike the algorithms used by the social media platforms. 

Individuals are very protective of their email address and who can blame them? How many lists have you unsubscribed to this week? But if you can get someone to give you their email, that means that they are interested in hearing from you on a very personal level. Content upgrades on your blog posts are a great way to list build. 

But how do you get started?

Step 1: Decide on a Blog Post Topic

Each week when you write your blog post, consider offering a content upgrade to go along with it. Is there a little extra value you can offer someone that they may want such as a video to go along with your post? A workbook so they can take action? A follow up checklist? These are all opportunities to build your email list.

Hint: Asking visitors to sign up for your newsletter is old school and does not work in this day and age. As you can probably personally attest to, your email address hot commodity and you are not likely to give it up to sign up for someone’s newsletter.

Step 2: Create Your Content Upgrade in Canva

You can create your lead magnet in Canva. It’s free and easy. If you need help, check out this video on how to create a pdf cheatsheet or workbook in Canva.


Step 3: Set Up Your Form in ConvertKit

To offer your content upgrades, you will need to integrate with your email service provider. Your email service provider will manage your subscriber names and email addresses allowing you to send them future emails announcing promotions and your weekly blog content. In this example, I will show you how to do this in ConvertKit. 

In ConvertKit, go to Forms. 


Then, select Create Form. 


You will have the option of using a landing page or a form. We will use a form in this example. 


Select the form style you want to use. In this example, I selected the middle style. 


Edit the Form as needed for your content upgrade and brand style. Save your changes. 


Next, click on View to view your form and obtain the url for your website. 


Copy the url for your form. This is what you will paste into the button or image on your website. 


Step 3: Add Your Button (or Image) on Squarespace to Link to Your ConvertKit Form


On your Squarespace website, you have several options to link to your ConvertKit form. We will cover two of them in this example. One is to create a button for your visitors to click on. This will take them to the ConvertKit form where they will enter their email address to opt-in to your email list and to obtain your free giveaway. You can also add an image that links to the ConvertKit form. 


In the example below, you will paste the URL in the box labeled "clickthrough URL." 


This example is for the image. Under Design, you can select stretch the image to span the container (if desired), enter the URL in the box that stated, "Clickthrough URL." P.S. I always have it open in a new window. 


Your button will look similar to the one below depending on how you design it. When you visitor clicks on it, they will see your form. 


Good luck in building your email list through your content upgrades on your blog!