Google Analytics Made Simple (for online course creators)

Google Analytics Made Simple (for online course creators)

Do you have your Google Analytics account set up?

Google analytics is a free tool provided by Google to help you analyze your website traffic.

Do you want to know?

  • How many visitors you’ve had on your website and landing pages?

  • Your bounce rate?

  • How long your visitors stayed on your website?

  • Where your website visitors came from (e.g. Social Media, Organic Search)?

  • Their demographics information such as male versus female and age?

  • Whether your traffic is coming from mobile, tablet, or desktop?

  • The number of hits you’re getting on each page on your website and any landing pages you’re using?

This data will help you make important business decisions in your online course business. It also helps you figure out which online marketing campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions.

Want to know which pages are getting the most hits? Which is your worst performing content? Look at your Google analytics.

If you don’t have your Google Analytics account set up, let’s get that done today.

Here are the simple steps to set up your Google analytics account:

1.       Go to:   To create an account, click Start for free. Note: you will need a Gmail account to set up your Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Start for Free

2. Click on Sign Up to create your account.

Start Using Google Analytics, Sign Up

3. Next, you will name your account. It can be the name of your business, your website. Keep everything else checked and select next.

Google Analytics Account Set Up

4. Next, you will input your property set up. Add the website name, URL, industry , and time zone of the website you want to track. Note: for your website URL if you have SSL set up, be sure to select https://.

Create your account

5.      To track your website, select Web and select Next.

Finish your account set up

6.       Follow the instructions and accept the terms of service.

Google Analytics Terms of Service

7. Get your tracking ID add the tracking code to your website and any landing pages you’re using for your online course sales funnel. In most cases, you can just Google “Add my Google analytics code to [website/landing page name].

Google Analytics Tracking ID

8.       Add this code directly after the <head> tag of your site. Note: you don’t have to add this to every page on your website. But you will have to add it to any landing pages that you may be using for your online course sales funnels if they’re different from your website.

9.       Open your website in a separate tab. Then go to your Google Analytics account and verify the code is working by reviewing your real-time reports. You should see at least one visitor (you!). Check back the next day and look at your website traffic.  

Now you have your Google Analytics account set up and will be able to analyze your website traffic to make smart decisions for your online course business!